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Full D1, HD SDI, Hybrid DVR Mobile Apps

OKINA USA DVRs support mobile surveillance on iPhone and android OS device, this section describes the installation of the program via the smartphone 

Installation procedure on iPhone device

At present, the software only supports version of iPhone  iOS 3.1.2 and above, if phone firmware lower than this version please upgrade it. Below is the operation method for iPhone mobile clients:
Step1:Enter into App Store function of iPhone       Step 2: Enable “search”  function to search

  SuperLivePro”, the required programs will be displayed on the top of search box
Step 3: Click SuperLivePro, enter into “introduce” interface and click FREE”, it will change into “INSTALL”

  Step 4: Enter into iTunes Store password, click “OK”will display below interface
Note: if it was the first time for user to operate please enter into user ID; if there is no Store account, user need to apply one.
Step 5: Just be patient to download and install. After installed, “SuperLivePro”, icon will display. Click this icon, a function interface will appear
  Step 6: Key in server’s IP address (or domain name), user’s ID and password. Click Login to process.
Step 7: The default quad view window will be displayed. The functions descriptions as following,
  7.1 Click  or  to view different channel.
7.2 Click  then click “OK” to capture picture.
7.3 Click  to do local record.
7.4 Click  to get audio from DVR.
7.5 Click  to send voice to DVR
7.6 Click  to do camera color adjustment.
7.7 Click  to do PTZ operation.
7.8 Click  to view picture.
7.9 Click  to do local & remote playback.
7.10 Click  to do DVR remote setting.
7.11 Click  to view DVR information.
7.12 Click  to edit DVR list.
7.13 Click  to setup motion area.

Installation procedure on Android OS smartphone

On your smartphone click on the google play store icon

Then press on search icon on right   Type SUPERLIVEPRO with your virtual keyboard and press enter
The search result will show the available applications 
  Click on SUPERLIVEPRO, a brief description of the program will be shown, click on INSTALL
Click on ACCEPT & DOWNLOAD   The program is being downloaded on your smartphone, please wait
The program is being installed on your smartphone   The installation is finished, click Open to launch the program
Key your DVR IP, the username and password, if you want the program to keep in memory select REMEMBER SERVER, then click on LOGIN   You are connected to the DVR, you can see all the functions of the program
Main interface description
Item Description
Playback Video file playback
Image Server photo browse
Log Software log
Server list View and edit server list
Live View camera online
Settings Software configure
Information Server and software information
Help Help Information about software and FAQ
Logoff Log off from current server

Live picture interface  
Icon Description
One screen
Four screen
Channel configure
PTZ control
Channel audio
Hide Superlivepro

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